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The RevTwt website was formerly known as was first developed by a young Internet entrepreneur Luke Kling in March 2009, who passed it on to another young Internet entrepreneur James Simpson. We acquired the website from James in late April 2009.

After the acquisition, we changed the name to RevTwt (TM) and put a team of highly skilled developers to completely redesign the backend and developed many new functions. We
  • Implemented advanced real time Click Fraud Detection, bot click and proxy click filtering, and click auditing system to deliver quality traffic to advertisers,
  • Removed vulnerabilities in the code and strengthened the security and protection of user information,
  • Implemented geotargeting of ads, ad categories, Cost Per Thousand-followers (CPT) ads, auto post with frequency control, ads for emails/blogs/forums, short URL service so users can make money on every tweet, calling ads directly from Twitter.
We also introduced many other exciting new features to provide more effective ways for advertisers to reach targeted audience and more opportunities for Twitterers to make more money.
As a result of our platform and technology development and marketing effort, our user base grew more than 50 folds in a year. Our operational and development teams provide customer support and are constantly analyzing the traffic and usage patterns to find new ways to enhance the platform and user experience.

We understand perfectly well that we need to keep both the advertisers and the publishers happy. On one hand, we implemented stringent click filtering and auditing to protect the interest of advertisers. We are committed to delivering value to our advertisers. On the other hand, we are as committed to helping our honest publishers make more money. As we improve the quality of the clicks, we were able to increase the minimum payout to publishers. As we continue to improve the quality of the clicks and attract more elite Twitters, we will attract more advertisers to compete for the tweets and clicks. At the same time, we will be able to lower our cost from higher volumes. We expect all these will further raise the per click payout to publishers.

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