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RevTwt API Overview

The RevTwt API consists of callable methods and API endpoints.
To perform an action using the RevTwt API, you need to select a calling convention, send a request to its endpoint specifying a method and some arguments, and will receive a formatted response.

At this time, we only support POST request. Additional methods and functions may be provided in the future.

* The REQUIRED parameter method is used to specify the
calling method.
* The REQUIRED parameter user_id is used to specify your
* The REQUIRED parameter user_key is used to authorize
your account.

The arguments, responses and error codes for each method are listed on the method's spec page.

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API Usage Instructions
API Methods

getShortUrl Get a short URL to monetize the link in a tweet

getAdLink Get an ad to tweet into a Twitter account

comfirmLink To confirm and activate the ad posted to a Twitter account
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