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Popular FAQ's

These are our most viewed/read frequently asked questions and answers. Hopefully these will help answer any questions you might have.

# Question Views
1. Why is my Twitter account not allowed to post ad or set up auto post? 57750
2. How do I make money on RevTwt? 53197
3. How much do I earn for each click? 39790
4. Why is my click count lower now? 28593
5. How and when will I get paid? 27799
6. What is a CPA ad? 19734
7. Where can I add another Twitter account to post ads on? 18293
8. Am I allowed to click my own ads? 18008
9. What is a CPT ad? 17939
10. How to advertise using RevTwt? 17623
11. Do I have control on what ads are posted in my Twitter? What is Auto Post? 16648
12. How many ads can I post per day? How many Auto Posts can I have? 16586
13. What is a CPC ad? 15702
14. Are clicks from outside Twitter valid? 15471
15. Why is my follower count 0 or wrong? 15401
16. How do I deactivate my RevTwt account? 15080
17. Can I post ads outside Twitter? 15015
18. Why my other links are getting more clicks than the ads I post? And How do I get more valid clicks? 13876
19. How do you detect click fraud and bot clicks? 13842
20. Why are my ads getting many bot clicks? 13618
21. Why is there \"Pending Audit\" on my earnings? 13531
22. How can an advertiser get more clicks to his ads? 12220
23. How do I edit my ad? 11188
24. What CPC price should an advertiser choose? 11126
25. Why are my clicks/earnings removed? 10935
26. Is this compliant with the FTC rules on social media advertising? 8768
27. How to read the Real-Tweets Earning? 7720
28. How can I change the CPC of an ad? 5094
29. How can an advertiser stop or delete an ad or campaign? 5089
30. Where can I see reports of how much I spent on each ad? 4611

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