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How can I change the CPC of an ad?

Twitter ads are different from Search Ad. In Search Ad, an ad is only shown when someone searches for your keywords. You can change the CPC of a search ad at any time and once changed, all future clicks on a search ad will be at the same CPC.

In Twitter Ads, a publisher decides which ad to tweet based on its CPC. Once the ad is tweeted, the ad is always there and the publisher expects to be paid at that CPC. Changing the CPC of the ad after an ad has been tweeted by publishers would confusing and misleading. Therefore, we keep the CPC the same for each ad.

To change the CPC of an ad:

1. Pause the old ad (it will no longer be tweeted, but these already tweeted will continue to receive clicks at the old CPC)

2. Create a new ad with the new CPC. You can use exactly the same URL and text of the old ad.

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