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Why my other links are getting more clicks than the ads I post? And How do I get more valid clicks?

We register and analyze every click because that is how both publishers and us get paid.

If you are using or other free tracking services, they do not spend the resources to distinguish between bot clicks, click fraud and real human legitimate clicks. A very high percentage of the clicks you get on any Twitter links are bot clicks crawling the links on Twitter, trying to index or rank them. You do not have to take our word for it. Read these:

Both reports show that less than 10% of click counts are real clicks!

For us, we have to further filter out the repeated clicks, out of target country clicks, clicks with suspicious patterns from the human clicks. These clicks can\'t be passed onto advertisers because they will be disputed and unpaid.

We understand perfectly well that we need to keep both the advertisers and the publishers happy for this to work. On one hand, we implemented stringent click filtering to protect the interest of advertisers. On the other hand, as we improve the quality of the clicks, we were able to increase the minimum payout to publishers from 2.5 cents to 4 cents, that is a 60% increase. The average payout now is actually 5 cents, that is double what it used to be. As we improve the quality of the clicks and attract more advertisers to compete for the clicks and as we lower our cost from higher volumes, we expect to be able to further raise the per click payout to publishers.

Other reasons that may affect the number of valid clicks on a RevTwt ad you post and how to help increase the number of valid clicks:

1, Most ads target specific countries so clicks by users outside the target countries are not counted.

Solution: Make sure you post ads that target the countries of the majority of your followers.

2. Your followers may not like to see or click on ads not of interest to them

Solution: Pick ads that are of interest to your followers.

In some cases, a real human click may be suspicious of click fraud. These clicks will be audited and may not be counted.

For example, when a person clicking on the ad posted by you have clicked on the same ad already that was posted by a different user, the click is not counted. One person is counted only once for an ad.

If a person clicks the ad have clicked too many ads in the last couple of days, he is a suspect of click fraud and all his clicks may not be counted.

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