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Why is my Twitter account not allowed to post ad or set up auto post?

Your Twitter account must meet quality requirements to post ads or set up RevMail or RevFeed.

If a red X is shown next to a Twitter account in the CPC or CPT column, it is because that Twitter account does not meet the quality requirements for that type of ads.

If there is no option to select RevMail and no link to setup Ad Posting (for RevFeed), it means your Twitter account(s) does not meet the quality requirements.

This is to prevent spammers from setting up spamming bot accounts to post nothing but ads or nonsense bot tweets. Spammers are typically also click fraudsters. So the system treats spamming in a similar way as click fraud. To make sure you get paid, don't spam and do not do click fraud!

How to improve the quality of your account so it can post ads, and use RevMail and RevFeed:

1. Use real Twitter accounts with real human followers. Do not use
spamming bot accounts with other bot accounts and spammers as followers.

2. Maintain a balanced followers to followings ratio. If you are following a lot of people and they are not following you back, it means people are not interested in what you tweet about. Such accounts are of no value to advertisers.

3. Meet the minimum followers requirement: 50+ to manually select and post ads, 200+ to use RevMaila and RevFeed.

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