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How to read the Real-Tweets Earning?

Real-Tweets Earning is displayed in this format $xx.xx (# of Impressions + # of Clicks). For example, $2.31 (5215+20) means the earning from the real tweets is $2.31, which came from 5,125 impressions and 20 clicks on the ads on the landing page of the real tweet.

Note that the impression component of the earning is based CPM which means Cost per 1,000 impressions. If the number of impressions is low and the earning from impressions is less than $0.01, it won't display until the earning reaches $0.01. For example, you may see $0.00 (6+0) which means you generated 6 impressions and no clicks. If the CPM is $0.10, the earning from 6 impressions is (6/1000)*$0.10=$0.0006, which is less than 1 cent and will be displayed as 0.

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